Pander Escort Service Munich

The slightly different escort agency in Munich

“Know the difference and book a temporary girlfriend and don’t buy emotionless sex”


We are no ordinary escort service and cannot be compared with other escort agencies from Munich or the surrounding area.

Because we do NOT offer professional escort models, prostitutes, escorts or whores from Munich. Our escort ladies are exclusively girls and women who have a regular job, study or training and who only do the job as an escort as a “hobby” on the side.

Nevertheless, we of course expect professionalism from the women. Discretion, secrecy, seriousness and punctuality are one of the cornerstones of our agency and no data or information is passed on to third parties or stored. That is the reason why celebrities and famous personalities have been our regular customers for years.

Escort ladies in Munich

This is what our customers from Munich say

The girl next door, the married neighbor or the serious colleague who is looking for a sexual kick can be found here at Pander Escort.

In addition, in addition to their monotonous working day, the hobby escort ladies naturally want to combine the most beautiful minor matter in the world with the useful and improve their pocket money, have a little more out of life, or get to know one or the other luxury hotel in Munich and the surrounding area. Perhaps the escort ladies are also looking for the man for life. Secretly, every escort girl dreams of a pretty women story that never ends.

With us you don’t expect any ripped off, hardened escorts, no assembly line work or mass processing like in other agencies. You can assume that your desired companion will not have any further appointments on the same day and rarely has more than one or two escort dates a week.

Therefore, as an escort agency from Munich, we deliberately refrain from high-gloss escort model photos and heavily edited and retouched pictures. The ladies should appear as natural as possible so that you get exactly what you expect and are not negatively surprised.

We want you as a regular customer, because a satisfied customer is the best advertisement.

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